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Boho Nursery Reveal!


Sooo...apparently it is completely normal to "nest" while expecting and I have been nesting this space for months like a momma bird gathering sticks one at a time; needless to say, I've been trying to make everything just perfect for the little babe's arrival.  The irony is that a newborn couldn't care less what this space looks like but for some reason it just makes me happy to do.  I will sometimes just go and sit in the glider and imagine what she will be like. One of the things I look forward to the most is encouraging her to dream big and shine bright. 

It was important for me to choose a vibe that was soothing, free-spirited, and not centered around the obvious girl color choice "light pink" but still very soft and feminine so I went with an aqua/seafoam punch of color -equal parts bold and calming.  

IMG_0188 copy.jpg

A teepee (custom made) adorned with pom poms leads the way in to a crawl space in the wall perfect for nuzzling up to read stories of princesses who slay their own dragons.  To compliment the bohemian theme, a toy llama greets you on the way in.

Finally, I couldn't miss an opportunity to include my other baby, Piper (pug), as my muse.  This room is already her favorite place in the house, mainly because of the soft furry rug and the beam of sunshine that she likes to bask in during mid-afternoon naps.

IMG_0185 copy.jpg
IMG_0183 copy.jpg
IMG_0191 copy.jpg

And what nursery is complete without a dream catcher for my little dreamer?

IMG_0189 copy.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the nursery and I can't wait to introduce you all to our little bundle of joy in May!

Namaste Bendies!

XOXO, Paloma

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