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This is undoubtedly the happiest blog post I've written so far -and it'll be a tough one to beat!   They say change comes in threes and this year was truly all about change.  For one, if you follow me on instagram (@Her_Bendy_Life), you know that we took on the gigantic task of building a new home.  We had no desire to participate in Homearama; however, the lot that we fell in love with was one that was sectioned off as part of the show; albeit, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. The second exciting announcement is one that I am still working on.  Stay tuned because it is destined to be revealed sometime in 2018.  Finally, the third, and most obvious, life altering change is our little bundle of joy arriving in late spring!

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So, for the serial blogger, a new baby means a ton of new blog fodder! If you're one of those peeps who hates posts about other peoples' kids, then avert your eyes and hit the "page back" button now.  But if you want to follow my journey through pregnancy, pre-natal yoga, and beyond, I will be sharing lots of juicy deets in the weeks/months to come so subscribe for exclusive content! And if you know anyone who is currently aboard the pregnancy train, be sure to send them my way!  I would love to meet some other soon-to-be (yoga or non-yoga) mamas out there!

I'll be sharing much more in my upcoming posts, but here are a few details for those who want a sneak peek.  

  • ETA: May 22nd
  • How long has this bun been cooking? For those of you mathematically challenged or too lazy to count, I'm currently 4 months (16 weeks) preggers
  • Yogi or Yogini (boy or girl): We know!  And I will be revealing it soon! Please post your guesses below.  It's so fun to hear what people think and why. Stay tuned for my next post.
  • Moniker:  We have narrowed it down to a few!
  • How I told George: I went to Fedex and mailed him a package (to our home) with the return address as "Stork Enterprises" and placed the positive pregnancy test inside.  He was so confused when he opened it and then teared up when he realized what it meant.  It was really sweet. 
  • How I told my Mom: I took her to lunch and she opened a tiny package with a little handmade bird inside that read "a little bird told me you're going to be a nana again" (my sister has 3 kiddos of herself).
  • How we told George's parents: on Thanksgiving, right before we said grace, George handed his mom a small box, when she opened it, there was a tiny ceramic bun in it.  There was a little scroll inside the bun and when she pulled it out and unraveled it, it said "timer going off May 18".  She immediately started crying.  Like father, like son.... Georges dad (also named George) didn't understand immediately what it meant and one of George's sisters explained it to him a couple minutes later.  It was really sweet and funny.
  • How George told Will (my stepson): a casual man-to-man chat in the car.  Will is almost 14 and will be starting high school soon.
  • Bendy Baby's new diggs: The nursery has a free-spirited boho vibe (duh), but I will be doing a separate post soon!

Side note: I know that the topic of pregnancy is not easy for everyone, and we have been through our own struggle with pregnancy, so if you're one of those people who fall into this category, just know that you aren't alone and it's definitely an issue that many people still don't talk about much but it should be talked about more.

Needless to say, we are overcome with gratitude and can't wait to meet this little nugget in a few months.  It is really the most bizarre feeling to realize that there is a human being growing inside your body and your body is truly no longer your own -not to mention, you're never really alone.  I know, all you already-moms are shaking your head thinking "welcome to motherhood" -where peeing in a bathroom alone is considered a luxury.  On that note, I have to go, peeeeeee!  Like every five seconds lately (pregnancy pitfall #1).  So toodles!




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