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Three Easy Makeup Tips to Get You Through The Entire Holiday Season!

There is SO MUCH planning to do during the holiday season.  So, I want to share with you a look that will keep you looking bright and refreshed even when we are riding the struggle bus on the inside.  With this holiday look, nobody has to know! Between cooking your family's signature holiday side dish, buying everyone only your list the perfect gift, and coordinating outfits for all the holiday events (don't worry I will help you with it this year -stay tuned), I don't want to have to even think about putting on make-up.  This is why I'm going to share 3 holiday make-up tricks with you that can serve as your "go-to" look from Thanksgiving all the way through valentines day!  

Here's the best part.  You can pick them up (or order them online) all from the same place! What if I ALSO told you that these products are actually good for your skin?!?!  If you know Erica McDowell, the owner of Skyn Lounge, this comes as no surprise.  She is been in the skincare industry for over 20 years and is a licensed aesthetician.  Not to mention her skin is absolutely flawless!  Take a look for yourself!

Erica McDowell, Owner of SKYN LOUNGE and creator or ZenSKYN color collection

Erica McDowell, Owner of SKYN LOUNGE and creator or ZenSKYN color collection

So let's cut to the chase, and don't forget to see the exclusive deal (at the bottom of this article) I got for you so that you don't have to wait till black friday (or cyber monday) to treat yo self!


1. Turkey-proof your lips by staining them a stunning cranberry using ZenSKYN liquid lipstick.

There is nothing worse thank taking the time to put on your make-up and then eating it right off.  Holidays mean holiday meals, which means you're gonna be doing some eating and drinking and that is a recipe for vanishing lipstick.  ZenSKYN makes a gorgeous cranberry red liquid lipstick that acts like a stain!  This stuff does not come off and it doesn't look dry like many of the lip stains on the market!  Since it is made with highly pigmented polymers, it glides on giving a POP of color in one stroke!  Now your pout will be bright and full of color for all the holiday family photos!


2. Make you eyes merry and BRIGHT! -using ZenSKYN mineral eyeshadow in "coast".

Stay up all night to be first in line for the Black Friday sales?  No problem!  Fake a good night's sleep with one of my favorite beauty hacks.  Take a medium sized makeup brush and dab a little SZenSKYN loose mineral eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes for an instant eye brightening effect!  It creates an illusion of making the whites of your eyes even whiter.  People will be so dazzled by the pearly shimmer in your eyes that they won't even notice the bags under them!  Not to mention, this loose mineral shadow is fortified with minerals and vitamins!  You're actually giving your eyes a dose of daily vitamins?  Count me in!


3. Create skin that looks dewy and moon-lit! using ZenSKYN mineral illuminating concealer

Anyone who knows me know that this is my absolute favorite make-up hack.  If you're a little afraid of contouring have you ever tried strobing? Strobing is contouring's little sister and almost FOOL-PROOF!  Rather than create shadows with contouring to make your facial features pop, strobing does the exact opposite.  Using ZenSKYN Illuminating Concealer, you place the concealer directly on top of the areas that you want to pop.  It's like walking around town and having the perfect lighting follow you around.  Have you ever wondered why photos of your face look better when taken for up high?  It's because of this exact same principle.  Take the concealer pen in a shade lighter than your natural skin color and draw a line starting between your eyebrows and extending to the tip of your nose.  Next draw inverted triangles under your eyes. One corner of the triangle just below the inner corner of the eye, one corner extending out further that the eye towards the tail of your eyebrow, and the final corner at the center of the apple of your cheek.  Draw another inverted triangle on your chin (like in the picture above).  And finally draw lines fanning upwards on your forehead in every direction from the point between your brows.  Take a beauty blender sponge and gently dab the concealer without dragging it on the skin.  It's almost a tapping motion.  Do this until it is evenly blended on the skin.  This product has photo-reflective mineral infused pigments and uses bio-transformed botanical extracts to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles! Um, YES!


So now you're probably wondering how to get your mittens on these fabulous products?  You can stop by Skyn Lounge and scoop them up there or go online and order them!

Skyn Lounge is located in St. Matthews, KY at 227 Chenoweth Lane.  Or you can visit their website and order it there!  www.zenskyn.com

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Namasté, Bendy Babes!

xoxo, Paloma

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